Teachers use audio hosting websites when they want to embed their audio within embedded players rather than uploading them directly to posts as a link.  Audio Boo and SoundCloud are the most commonly used audio hosting websites.



AudioBoo is a website, and a smartphone and tablet app, which allows users to post and share sound files.

The AudioBoo embedded below was used by the teacher to help pupilss practice learning about nouns and naming words.  You can see how the teacher used Audio boo with her pupilss in her Audioboo – Time for Grammar – Nouns and Naming Words post.

listen to ‘Time for Grammar – Nouns or Naming Words’ on Audioboo


SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform that allows users to upload, record, promote and share their own sounds.

The Soundcloud embedded below was used by the teacher to engage the pupils, showcase their creativity while summarising the essence of a story into something memorable.  You can read more about the activity and check out more of their Soundclouds here.