Programme Aims:

  • develop pupil leadership skills, communication and team work,
  • promote e-safety best practice and encourage safer online behaviours,
  • promote the use of blogging to share and collaborate with other schools,
  • develop use of online tools and resources to communicate ideas,
  • develop wider use of technology across the school.


Strategic Lead School:          Heap Bridge Village Primary School

Course Facilitator:                 Dannielle Hornsby


Programme Overview:

The digital leader programme has been developed across the SHINEpartnership and Arch Alliance group of schools over the past two years and provides a vehicle for developing digital literacy, e-safety and pupil leadership skills within KS2 and across the whole school. Developed through a ‘digital leader blog’ pupils from across a groups of schools work collaborative with each other to share good practice, develop their knowledge and skills and moderate each other’s work. A sample of a digital leader blog can be found here: The programme works best when groups of 5 or more schools work collaboratively together. This includes joint training sessions, sharing a collaborative blog and presenting best practice at a dedicated ‘Kids Meet’ session at the end of the year. All of this is facilitated by an experienced ‘Computing Lead’ teacher and trained CEOP Ambassador.


Audience:       Collaborative groups of schools


Programme Cost:      

  • £1000 (group cost for up to 5 schools)
  • £150 per school thereafter    


Calendar for Programme (example):

Autumn 1       Appointment of new Digital Leaders

                        Blogging – Initial training ½ day with CEOP Ambassador

                        Challenge 1 – Getting Recognition – promoting the digital leader role

Autumn 2       Challenge 2 – 

Spring 1          Challenge 3 – E-Safety

Spring 2          Challenge 4 – Develop library of social media platform reviews (by the children)

Summer 1       Challenge 5 –

                        Individual school – WOW Visits/Visitors

Summer 2       Kids Meet – presenting on aspect of good practice/impact in own school



Included in Cost of Programme:

  • collaborative blog with personalised group url.
  • introduction/training session (1/2 day) for link teachers/staff from each school
  • facilitation of programme challenges (through collaborative blog)
  • ad hoc technical support (for administration of blog)
  • facilitation of ‘Kids Meet’ celebration session (½ day) at the end of the programme


Access to Digital Leaders Blog (example of personalised url):

Main site:           

Collaborative site: