Adding external media sources such as Google docs, One Drive files, Animoto presentations etc is a great way of enhancing the content you put in you blog posts. This can be a really effective way of both engaging your audience and presenting your content in ways you would otherwise be unable to do.

Embedding external content in your posts is easy. Follow the steps below and your posts will soon be the talk of your school!

1.   First, create your post including adding title, text, images, featured image and categories.

2.  Click on Save Draft (saving as a draft will save your work without posting to your blog page straight away).

3.  Locate the embed code for the media you created or want to embed. The example below is from a Microsoft One Drive account and will embed a pdf file in to our post:

  • Different websites use a range of different icons to represent Embed code. You’ll almost always need to be logged in to your account i.e. One Drive, Animoto etc. You may even have created content on your mobile device (i.e. iPad, tablet) within an App that will give you an embed code.
  • Look for icons like </>, the word Embed or hover your mouse over icons until you see the word Embed.


4. Copy the embed code (see highlighted text in image above).


5.  Place your cursor in the post where you want you it to be embedded and click on Inset menu option.


6.  Click on the Media option. select the embed tab (see below) and paste your copied embed code in to the box as shown below…

7.  Click OK   


8.  When you have finished writing click Publish.

Click Publish

9.  You should now see your embedded media when you view your post on your blog.


If you wish to see an example of a post with the above example embedded, click here.